These are the books you will find some of my work in. They are both poetry books from my connections with Poets Live in Scranton Pennsylvania.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being published in two poetry anthologies along with several other amazing authors. Here they are pictured below!

Poets Live And Poets From Around The World The Year Of The Golden Rat

A father came home to a house filled with death. Three children and a stranger gone his wife circled the drain. Pandemic Of Ignorance

Eternity Awaits

By Mickey Gohl

This is an excerpt from a piece I wrote for a zine when I was in college. Click the link above to read the rest. Yet motionless he hears her voice, her call, her cries, her fear. His armor filled with rust and decay, he rises slowly, joints screaming from ages of nonuse. He finds his blade where it fell when he was slain.

Poets Live Two Year Anniversary An Anthology Of Scranton Poets

The moments when you’re graceful,

Hanging upside down from your cage.

The moments when you are goofy,

Bitch slapping your brother then sitting on his head.

Letter To A Friend

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