Writing Prompt 1

Writing prompt (s) are thought provoking fun!

view of elephant in water
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Imagine you suddenly possessed the ability to become an animal. Would you use it? What animal would you choose to be? Would you be a mammal, fish, reptile, or bird? Would you be carnivorous, herbivore, scavenger? Where would you live? why?

I’d choose to be a rat. Rats are rodents and should eat vegetation, but they are also scavengers and opportunists so anything goes. I’d like to live in my house assuming I could turn human again. I’d choose a rat though because of their intelligence and potential for compassion. also, they’re my favorite animal.

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt 1

  1. I’d be a dolphin, because they’re intelligent and their lives seem peaceful.

    1. What kind of dolphin? The pink ones look beautiful! Would you be a pink one?

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